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Reflexology probes a sole to sooth a weary body (Quote by Dwight Byers) We are doing case studies in the science of Reflexology!

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My business name  J. R. Pain Management LLC came from a new concept. This is a concept of self pain managment after being diagnosed and treated by a doctor. J. R. are initials for me ( Julie Ruengert LPN).  Managing my own pain with the CP Relief Wand, other natural pain relief products and a vegetarian diet or low meat diet, and a few suppliments.  Doing this has given me the ability to save a lot of money on medical  expenses due to diagnosed chronic pain, communicate better with my doctor and finally get down to the actual problem that had been covered up for years with pain medicines and mind altering drugs.

We started with Encounter Pain Relief as the name of the business but started getting many prayer requests! We do believe in prayer and put God first in the business and pray for anyone that asks for it. While this name is still part of our business, we are using the LLC name (J. R. Pain Management) to make the business known.

Changing the concept of pain management extending it into your daily life with lifestyle changes that enable you to have more energy, walk more and feel more in control can help relieve stress and live life to its fullest.

Looking at your environment, Listening to your body and Feeling your surroundings can help you with your home pain management and identify personal changes that can help relieve pain and give you confidence. If your physician does not know about the CP Relief Wand,  we are presently working with doctors to help them see how valuable this device is for their patient to have on hand in times when chronic breakthrough pain hits. If you take a pain medication and it wears off before your next dose, this can be used so your pain medication schedule can stay on track without running out of pills too early.

The fear of running out of pain medication too early can be eliminated by using this device along with other natural pain relief modalities.  Some have reduced or eliminated narcotic medication after using this device over a period of time but even if this can not be done due to extreme pain, this device breaks the cycle of pain and can prevent addiction to narcotic medication and make your home pain management more affective.

 We are not physicians or give medical advice but will send them information about our services and products if you request.

 Along with providing this product, we are interested in bringing awareness to many issues that can contribute or exacerbate chronic pain. We encourage you to check out this Facebook page if you are interested in the environment:

Join us because together we can make a difference!


 My job is to stay true to my virtues and treat my customers with respect providing them with great customer service and products that work.


 Have a desire to help all people who suffer with chronic pain by providing them with a great service and products.