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We provide Reflexology services at 4810 Rainbow Drive Suite B, Jefferson City, MO 65109 along with other natural pain relief products.  We are starting case studies – Call 573-230-1748 to schedule your today. Reducing stress and tension on the feet can reduce stress and tension in all the organs of the body.  

Reducing Stress is essential to good health!  There are natural ways to do it!

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Many who suffer in pain and take maintenance pain medication can have break through pain that can cause a person to take medication before it is due. The CP Relief Wand can fill the gap and “Break the cycle of pain” allowing you to stay on track with prescription therapy preventing overuse, addiction or accidental overdose.  The pain relief it provides encourages a person to be more active and this in the long run will help reduce pain.

The FDA has cleared this device for the treatment of pain.  Since this is a natural way to relieve pain, it works very well and does not interfer with other prescription medicines.

Other natural pain relief products can enhance the effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation. Thinking out of the box is essential to surviving the effects of pain. Those who bring in a prescription for the CP Relief Wand do not have to pay taxes on the purchase. Some Cafeteria plans will cover this expense. 

We do not prescribe or diagnose but if you would like us to share our services and products with your doctor we will upon request.