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What Reflexology is NOT

Reflexology is NOT related to energy fields or mystic practices! Many people try to spiritualize different medical techniques that are very effective for pain management.

It is based on medical science! Our nervous system runs through our body into our feet (it corresponds to all the glands and systems in the body). An example is the lateral side of the big toe is the neck.

We have instances where a client was receiving the compression to the lateral side of the big toe and they said my neck feels better.

Reflexology is a better way to treat general pain and stress.

We can tell you areas of stress in your body, but we do not diagnose medical problems. For instance, if the Pituitary reflex is sore it does not mean you have a pituitary problem but just indicates an area of stress.

Try reflexology to learn more about the stress in your body.

Energy Fields in the Body: Our body is an electrical unit! Our heart beats because of an energy field that was given to us by our creator. In emergency situations they do use a defibrillator to get the heart started again. There are energy fields in our body and people who spiritualize this are contradicting the very thing that one day could keep them alive if they have a heart attack.

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