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I’m sending my husband to get my new CP Wand. I’m so excited! I need it badly. I’m down in my back, hips & legs bilaterally. I’m unable to make the trip as it’s 45 miles.

Thank You so much for everything! I’ll keep in touch and let you know how I’m getting along. your definitely in the right place, your personality is just right for helping people. Thank-You

– R. Stratman.


I have had lower back pain for years. I had steroid shots several times. The pain returns. After meeting with Julie and using the CP Wand I purchased one. The wand helps reduce my pain lever, sometimes completely. I recommend you contact Julie to see if she can help you

– J. Muller


The pain in my neck (C-6 Region) was relieved predominantly. The pain in my mid thoracic region was relieved significantly. Muscle tightness and tension is much better.

– B O’Connor


When entering room left arm was still aching (even after shots) I used wand 15 min on left upper arm and forearm but after the wand I felt nothing (no pain) in arm.

– Judy D


I suffer from Fibromyalgia and chronic pain mostly in my back. I can use the wand in the morning on my trigger spots and be relatively pain free for the day. It’s relief knowing I have something to help rid myself of the pain and not have to use pain killers.

– Paula B


After trying the CP Relief Wand my legs and rt hip felt very relaxed. I feel like I could take a nap which is very unusual for me. I feel very relaxed like I could get a good night sleep using this device.

– Satisfied Customer


Had been sick for many years and my dad brought over a machine- the prototype of the CP Relief Wand. I Tried it on my Fibromyalgia and could not believe the relief felt. I encountered pain relief. My dad had gotten FDA clearance and the new manufactured device came out. After 6 months of use was able to get off of heavy pain medication. Before that I was undependable, could not follow through with anything due to pain. Had given up caring about life because of the pain and half the time could not even make it into my part time job. Since I was unable to be dependable, every ache and pain became an excuse to not do something. Having the CP Relief Wand enabled me to get so much relief from pain that I was able to start exercising then begin my business J.R. Pain Management dba Encounter Pain Relief. In this process realized that there are underlying triggers to pain in the environment.

I have developed the concept “Look at your environment” ” Listen to your body” and “Feel your surroundings”. Will begin to speak to groups about this as well as share the benefits of having a CP Relief Wand.

– Julie Ruengert LPN/ Owner and CEO of J. R. Pain Management LLC.