J.R.P.M – Services

Our Reflexology Packages:

Single Person 4-Pack:
$90.00 (Four 1 hour sessions)
– This is good if you would like to just get away by yourself and relax!

Couples/2 Person 4-Pack:
$180.00 (Four 1 hour sessions)
– This is good if you would like to enjoy Reflexology with a partner or just get out with a friend.

We play music during the reflexology sessions – choose between Whole Tones by Michael S Tyrrell or we can look up any style of music you would like and bluetooth it! Relaxing with your style of music is important!

The reason we encourage the reflexology package is for you to see the benefits of Reflexology. In one appointment you will see some benefits of Reflexology but to really start feeling the benefits, we highly recommend a minimum of four sessions.

Plus by purchasing one of our packages is also cost effective because it gives you one session FREE.

Our Single Session Rates:

Single Person Session:
$30.00 (One 1 hour session)
– Perfect for a relaxing treat for yourself!

Couples/2 Person Session:
$60.00 (One 1 hour session)
– Relax with a friend or significant other.

Imagine sitting in a comfortable, Zero Gravity chair relaxing back with your feet elevated!

Getting a foot massage may be all you need to unblock nerve impulses, increase circulation, promote homeostasis or natural healing in the body. This unique foot message called reflexology can help you relieve stress because there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond with all the glands, organs and parts of the body.

Couples Reflexology or just getting out with a friend unifies the bond of friendship. We encourage married couples to set up appointments! Close friends who are not married will enjoy the 2 person sessions.

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