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Why the CP Relief Wand is the best Neurostimulator on the market:

1.  Unique Gel Pad Application – The Gel Pad is placed on the device is reusable. This makes it very easy to use because there is no question as to gel pad placement and provides your patient the ability to use on multiple areas of pain without replacing gel pads each time.

2.  Compression Technology – This conveniently held device can be moved around easily to to different areas of pain quickly and pressed in to get to the area of pain.

3.  Short times of use – Average use time is 15 seconds – 3 minutes per pain point. This allows your patient to use it on the go and get approximately 2000+ uses per 9 volt battery.

4.  Very short exposure to electrical current – This is one of the best reasons to prescribe this device over other neurostimulators. It works quickly and provides short exposure to electrical waves of current. It has been proven to work better than wearable devices that require much longer exposure.

5.  Convenience – This pain relief device can be stored in a purse, briefcase or the case it comes in and used quickly on demand. All your patient will have to carry with them is wet wipes or a spray bottle to mosten the skin before use. Gel Pads can be left on the device until they have to be replaced and have a thin blue cover that protects the gel pads between uses.


FDA Cleared for pain by prescription only.

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We provide the CP Relief Wand at an affordable price of $450. It is not covered by insurance but is FDA cleared for chronic pain relief. Get a prescription from your doctor and contact us by phone at (573) 230-1748, (573) 635-9766 or (573) 635-9220 or by email. or or Our fax number is (573) 635-1676.

We take all major credit cards. Some professional organizations have helped people pay for this device. If you do not have the money and are associated with an organization that helps people with disabilities, they may pay for this device since it is prescribed by a physician. We do set up payment plans on an individual basis. We will ship directly to you and provide follow up by phone or email. If you want to purchase online after we receive your prescription, you can do so after we send you a link to our online store with login information.

This device has helped many reduce or eliminate narcotic pain medications. Long term Narcotic pain medications can be very harmful because they can make a person feel very comfortable and end up hiding very serious illnesses that could actually be treated by your physician before they become serious.

We do not prescribe any type of medication or treatment. This is up to your doctor but we do promote responsible home pain management and will work to help your physician to become knowledgeable about this product.

Physicians are helping their patients “Break the Cycle of pain when they prescribe the CP-1000 (CP Relief Wand).